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Access cash when you need it with a line of credit that's tailored to your business. Drawdown as you need and only pay for what you use.

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  • Credit lines from £10K - £1M

  • Firm offer in under 10 minutes

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Access funds as quickly as one business day

Business finance, finally fixed

  • Funds on demand

    Draw the funds you need, for what your business needs, whenever you need it. Get money in your account within hours every time you make a withdrawal.

  • Only pay for what you use

    Pay for the funds you drawdown, nothing more. No fees to open or maintain your line. No early repayment fees. No monthly maintenance fees. No annual fees. No surprises.

  • Quick application, quick approval

    With our smarter credit scoring and quick offer, we don’t need days to tell how much credit you could get. We take just minutes. And by connecting to your bank and accounting software, we’re ensuring it’s the right credit for you.

  • Finance that fits your business

    We believe your business should get the credit line that suits your business’ size. So, as your business grows, so can your line. We give your business the credit it deserves.

  • Access more funds automatically

    Drawdown when you want. Once you make a repayment, your line replenishes, so you can drawdown again, if you want.

  • Build your business credit

    Help build your business’s credit by making your repayments on time, which we report to the credit bureau.

Is a credit line right for your business?

As an entrepreneur you want to be able to invest when necessary. No more waiting for outstanding invoices, but move quickly when you see opportunities. With a business credit you solve a temporary shortage of cash and pay daily expenses for your company. Business credit is therefore also referred to as working capital financing. Entrepreneurs use business credit for the following purposes:

What can you use FIBR’s credit line for?

  • Managing cash flow

  • Remodelling and renovation

  • Purchasing stock

  • Hiring staff

  • Bridging receivables

  • Investing in large projects or orders

If you weren’t eligible for a government-backed loan, or couldn’t get the amount you needed we could still help.

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The pros and cons of a credit line


  • Fully digital - even signing the legals. No paperwork or printing

  • Apply once, access your fund immediately and whenever you need

  • Only pay for what you use, and use as much or as little as you want

  • Once you’ve repaid some of your finance, you can use it again if required


  • Not suitable for startups. You need to be an established business with a good track record

  • At the moment, you can’t secure against your assets or property to get a bigger limit. We’re looking into this!

  • Not suitable if you want to spread the cost of borrowing over a number of years

How is FIBR different?

Compare the benefits

Overdraft facilities

Business credit cards

Fixed term loans

Instant firm offer Get decision in 1 day

Drawdown and repay as often as you like

Transparent, fixed pricing

No ongoing interest or annual fees

No early repayment penalties

APR equivalent





Facility size

Up to £1m

Up to £25k

Up to £10k

Up to £250k