What we offer

  • Credit lines from £10K - £1M

    Get access to a credit line ranging from £10K - £1M with access to funds within one business day of application. Smooth cash flow, cover costs, or get funds to help grow your client’s business.

  • Flexible usage

    Your client’s will only pay for the funds they use, with a simple fee per drawdown, nothing more. No fees to open or maintain your line. No early repayment fees. No monthly maintenance fees.

  • Decision in under 10 minutes

    Get an indicative funding line offer for your client within 10 minutes. Our smart credit rating means we look at more factors than traditional lenders, so we’re able to provide the right amount of finance for your clients’ business.

  • No paperwork

    Our entire process is completely digital eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. And by integrating with your client’s online accounting software and accounts we can also determine the best loan rate and terms available to them, fast.

Is your client eligible?

  • Limited company, registered in the UK (excluding Scotland)

  • £100K+ turnover

  • 1+ years in business

  • 75%+ ownership UK residents

How it works

To the accountants, bookkeepers and advisors that keep the wheels turning - we’re here to help make things move a lot faster.

Because when it comes to financing options, things can be more complicated - and more time-consuming - than they need to be.

That’s why we created FIBR: A simple, fast, straightforward credit line that can be used to finance growth or everyday business expenses.

Become a partner

Our seven-minute application process

  • 1

    Apply and receive a firm offer in under 10 minutes

    Complete the application by connecting your client’s bank account and accounting software to receive a firm offer.

  • 2

    Digital identity verfification

    Your client will be sent a 1 minute digital KYC to complete to verify who they are.

  • 3

    Digital contracts

    Your client will receive their final contracts which they will be able to sign digitally.

  • 4

    Access to funds

    Once KYB is complete - within one business day - your client’s funds can be drawn down instantly from their bank account.

  • 5

    Automated repayment

    Automated monthly direct debits repay the agreed loan term over a period of 6 – 12 months.

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