Actual & Historic

Interest Rates

Actual interest rates

FIBR Bank offers two type of interest bearing accounts:

Easy Access Savings Account

Fixed Savings Account

The FIBR Easy Access Savings Account has a variable interest rate, while the FIBR Fixed Savings offers a fixed interest rate for a fixed period in time. You can open a FIBR Fixed Savings Account with a minimum deposit of €500.

Name / Account Type DurationPercentage
FIBR Easy Access SavingsAvailable for withdrawals 0,00%
FIBR Fixed Savings3 months0,00%
FIBR Fixed Savings6 months0,03%
FIBR Fixed Savings9 months0,05%
FIBR Fixed Savings1 year0,15%
FIBR Fixed Savings2 years0,25%
FIBR Fixed Savings3 years0,30%
FIBR Fixed Savings4 years0,35%
FIBR Fixed Savings5 years0,40%
Historical interest rates

Below you will find per product how the interest rate changes have progressed over time.