Policy Documentation

Complaints Policy

We always try to offer you the best products and services possible. Unfortunately, it may happen that you are not pleased with us. You can file a complaint with us whether you already have an account or not.

How to file a complaint?

You can file a complaint, by sending an email to complaints@fibrbank.com. Other ways of filing a complaint are: via a letter, via a telephone call, but in this case we will always ask you to submit the complaint in writing. 

What can you include in your complaint?

We would like to investigate all the details of your complaint thoroughly. It would really help us if you disclose all details such as when the issue occurred, how it occurred, what happened after it occurred, what expectations were not met and other details you can share with us.

What happens after filing a complaint with us? 

After you have made a complaint, we will acknowledge the receival of this complaint directly via email to you. We will use the email address you used to communicate with us or the one registered in our system if you have an account with us. If a complaint is received orally, you may be requested to submit the complaint in writing in order to obtain as many details as possible regarding the issue and ensure a proper audit trail. We will start our investigation as soon as we receive your complaint and will try to find a solution with you within 6 weeks.

What can you do if you are not happy with our resolution?

If you are not happy with our resolution you can submit the complaint to the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid - www.kifid.nl): Financial Services Complaints Institute Foundation Attn. The Financial Services Ombudsman PO Box 93257 2509 AG The Hague