The bank built for business owners

We are FIBR, the digital bank for business owners. Entrepreneurs borrow to boost their business. And individuals save to support SMEs.

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What we're all about

Backing business owners
We help you with your financial needs and turn your ideas into reality. That’s why we, together with our savers, are passionate about supporting you.
Straightforward solutions
What you see is what you get – always. Our services are solid, simple and speedy. Designed from the ground up with business owners in mind.
Driven by data
We’re powered by real data and needs. With this bottom-up approach you are sure of what you actually need. Not what you think you need.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

The FIBR team is made up of entrepreneurs who’ve been on both side of the table. We know what’s needed to fund your business. That is why our financial solutions are to the point and designed with business owners in mind.

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We've got your back with

Business loans
Business mortgages and working capital facilities for business owners.

Interest from 3%

From €250.000 to €5.000.000

Up to 100% loan to value

Lending partnerships
We’re also here for lending partners who finance SMEs.

Advance rates up to 95%

Committed facilities up to €60m

Fair rates

Personal savings
Save with us, and support business owners.

Attractive interest rates

Free account in minutes

Online money management

Why we believe in businesses

When small businesses succeed, big ideas come to life. Leading to a vibrant entrepreneur economy. Now that’s a world we’d like to see.
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