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Evolving finance

FIBR is designed to be more than just a new way of providing finance.

There’s a lot of talk in the market about helping SMEs. Especially of late. Everyone talks about “providing the funding you need, when you need it”, and about “not hitting you with high or hidden charges”. But that’s all it is - talk.

We want to find a better way to create solutions for small to medium businesses, using more information, providing better terms, and better service. All fully online - at speed.

The finance we provide is dynamic. It flexes and moves with the businesses we serve, based on real data and needs. And it grows and changes with your businesses too - because we know that as your business evolves, your finance should do the same.

Today, your finance evolves.

The Strength in numbers

At FIBR, we analyse transaction data in real-time, as well as using historic annual accounts. This means we have the most rounded and up-to-date view of your business (which is particularly helpful for businesses that are growing nicely, where annual accounts would show much smaller numbers). It also ensures that we grant credit that’s affordable to your business, not putting you at risk of getting into a cycle of debt.

And beyond the numbers, we’ve built FIBR to be better. Where others take days, we take minutes, where they take hours we take seconds.

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